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GR Design tilings is an established business that services the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW.

Gianni Rotunno (master tiler) first started tiling in the family business with his Italian father which is where he inherited the passion for producing amazing work at the highest of quality and work ethic. Gianni went on to complete his apprenticeship to be a licensed tiler and has over 15 years of experience in the industry. Gianni and his wife Rebecca now run the family owned business and are passionate about offering a personalised and exceptional service.

GR Design have a tiling team of highly experience tradespeople and professionals who specialise in quality workmanship and providing a personalised service. All construction work on there sites are overseen by Gianni ensuring the highest standards of workmanship are upheld at all times. 

Gianni's knowledge of the business, experience and communication skills ensures that any project from a home renovation to a large development project will be delivered to the of up most standard and that the job site runs efficiently and effectively.

Why us?

Our level of professionalism sets us apart .....

We put each of our client’s interests ahead of our own to ensure a more successful outcome for every project....

We are willing to seek out and develop new ideas....

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