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Floor Tiling

There's something undeniably elegant about the seamless finish tiling gives to a home. Weather it be a new build or a renovation we will ensure your end product is considered a value-adding investment.

Wall, Stone & Feature Tiling

Our team can help you to add that wow factor to any area. Stunning Stone weather on the floor, around a pool or placed on a feature wall can liven your room or outdoor area in an instant creating a luxurous effect in any home. 

Bathroom Tiling

We can help you capture contemporary, & modern styles with a usability and show of prestige while ensuring a feeling of comfort. Weather it be a new build or a renovation we will ensure your end product is considered a value-adding investment.

Pool Tiling

There are many exquisite options available in pool tiles, whether your choice is for a more natural look created using stone, or a more formal appeal using other suitable tiling. Fully tiled pools are regarded as the premium interior for concrete pools. The fully tiled option offers endless colour and is considered a value-adding investment. Fully tiled pools are easy to clean and easy to maintain, noted for their superior durability. By fulling tiling your pool it will offer you endless colour and act as a stand out feature in your home.

Waterline tiles can provide that final finishing touch. This can be a great option for those with an existing pool, who want to renovate or revamp an old interior. 

Water & Sound Proofing

Waterproofing is the most important stage in Renovating or creating a new bathroom. Waterproofing ensures you will never have a leak or any water seepage coming through your floor and walls to avoid causing major problems. Soundproofing is a product which is great in high rise units, to create a more quite sound when walking on the tiles. It is a rubber substance and recommended in all high rise units. 

Project Management for Refurbishments

GR Design puts a huge emphasis on completing quality projects on time and to budget. Being more diligent means we avoid delays and resolve issues before they become problem.

We offer an extensive and fully integrated range of services to ensure a more successful outcome on any project for each of our clients. We can advise, recommend, brief, prepare, coordinate, manage and assess every element of every project. Our expertise is wide ranging with successfully managed projects across various sectors including retail, commercial, hospitality, industrial and residential.

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